We’ve got an announcement to make. Drum roll please…
We’d like to welcome one of the newest members to the Qurbee family. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agent Bani Yousefi just created his professional profile on Qurbee and it was totally free! 0 dollars, 0 cents. Free.

We thought it would be fun to interview Bani and ask him a couple questions.
1. What inspired you to become a realtor in the San Fernando Valley?

I was working in corporate America for many years and didn’t see any progress. I decided to become my own boss and was presented with an opportunity to join my friends realtor team. Got my license and here I am.

2. How important is marketing to the success of your business?

Marketing is crucial to my business. I’m constantly marketing myself whether it be posting online articles or ads, meeting and talking to people, or getting business from prior clients.

Bani is hard working and value oriented. We decided to shake things up a bit and ask him some lighter questions. Let’s see how he faired.

3. Who is your favorite super hero?
Drum roll please… (again)…


No explanation was given, but then again Batman is a man of action, not words.

4. What’s your favorite Assyrian food?


No explanation was given, again. Dolma speaks for itself though so we totally understand!

5. I hear your wife sells some really cool shirts. Care to tell us a little bit about what she does? (free shameless plug)

My wife sells t-shirts catered to the Assyrian community [Assyrian Heritage]. Her shirts feature the deep pride in the culture, history, triumphs as well as the desire to create awareness of today’s unrecognized plight back in our homeland through distinctive graphics on superb-quality tees.

Well there you have it folks. Your future real estate dark knight in shining armor, Bani Yousefi, is no joker (get it?) when it comes to his clients. He’s also no joker when it comes to dolma! Check out Bani’s Qurbee profile