We’d like to welcome one of the newest members to the Qurbee family – RB Tax & Bookkeeping. Founder, Andrew Benjamin, just created his professional profile and we decided to get the inside scoop in today’s feature!

Tax and Bookkeeping preparation are on top of everybody’s mind come tax season, so we wanted to touch base with Andrew to get to know him and his business.

1. What inspired you to pursue your own business?

After working in the corporate world, I decided that I wanted to be my own boss since I had my own creative ideas on how to run a business. Being an employee for years, I envisioned how I would structure and plan my own accounting business in a different way than the usual firms. Being the employer, I would want to make sure my employees are happy, which will encourage them to work hard and appreciate their job. In addition, I wanted to become an accountant who differentiates themselves from the other accountants. I make it a point to be responsive to all my clients and to never treat them as just another number.

2. What is your main vision for your business?

My main vision for my business is to keep track on growing my clientele, and to hire a few tax preparers and bookkeepers to take on all the work as I bring in more business. Eventually, become a well-known accounting firm in our community.

Hard work, dedication and vision are the principles Andrew drives towards in his everyday pursuit to perfection.

3. How important is marketing to the success of your business?

It is very important. It is a great way to get your business name & services out into the public. You need the word to spread to as many individuals as possible that your business is here to offer the best services possible. Although, my specific business does use marketing a lot’ however, 90% of my business is referral based.

4. Who is your favorite super hero and why?

Batman, because he’s a superhero at night and a successful business owner during the day. He balances his business pleasure pretty well.

Andrew prefers the latest interpretation of Batman by Christian Bale because people think he is a villain like the IRS, but he’s really trying to save them just like his business in trying to help clients lower their tax liability, save them time, and money.


5. What is you favorite Assyrian food?

Riza Smooka

If macaroon was an Assyrian food, it would top Andrew’s list. Either way, you will know that Andrew is fueled up and ready to get your business’ taxes and bookkeeping inline and up to date!