Have you ever tried searching for a local Assyrian business? Maybe you needed an Assyrian baby sitter or an accountant or a lawyer or just a good Assyrian kebab. Google and Yelp are awesome, but they didn’t quite help, did they?

That’s why we created Qurbee (‘Near Me’), a Yelp like service for Assyrian businesses.

Key Features:
+ In addition to reviews, you can use Qurbee to find great local Assyrian businesses like restaurants, dentists, hair stylists, and mechanics.
+ SEO marketing out of the box. Generate Assyrian and non-Assyrian business leads. Every business owner can setup an account to post photos and create a slick profile landing page
+ You can access the Qurbee map view via iPhone, Android, and a desktop browser

Our research suggests that the biggest obstacle in supporting Assyrian businesses is that people are not aware that they exist.

If you are a business owner, learn how businesses are using our network of 100,000+ users to increase SEO (search engine optimization), sales, awareness and traction.

Businesses like the Akkadian Real Estate Group recently joined and have their business listed in Qurbee and the Assyrian App!


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.